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Getting a pup

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Getting a pup

Buying a new puppy can be a minefield. Where to start? In this blog we outline the process to enable you to avoid bogus breeders and find the right dog for you.

Walk #4 – Badbury Clumps

A gentle walk for you here, with no time limits. Starting in open fields and ending in the trees. Feel free to get yourself a little lost in Badbury woods, all paths lead up hill back to the car park…

Walk #3 – Aldeburgh to Sizewell

The expanse of the North Sea by your side and those huge Suffolk skies. Keep an eye out for dolphins and whales which are regularly spotted off this coast. There are also plenty of watering holes throughout. Scenery and buildings…

Walk #2 – Ingleborough

To begin, the walk can feel a little hemmed in, between the drystone walls as you zigzag through the lower fields. Eventually the path opens up onto a plateau. With the dominance of Ingleborough large before you.

Walk #1 – Crinkle Crags

One thing that the lockdown has brought our dogs is plenty of local walks. At times there hasn’t been a lot else to do. So they should at least be fit, ready and excited for those longer walks away from…

10 Dog facts

We all know our dogs are amazing. Their loyalty, intelligence and ability are renowned. If you weren’t already impressed with your pooch, here are 10 facts about dogs that will blow your mind.

A good life and a good death

…the passing of a much loved family pet. Though we felt ripped apart from the experience, it is something that we dog owners all go through. My hope with this blog is too in some way also cast some beauty…

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