Getting a pup

Buying a new puppy can be a minefield. Where to start? In this blog we outline the process to enable you to avoid bogus breeders and find the right dog for you.

What is a dog trying to tell you?

We can tell the difference between a bark, a growl or a whimper and whine. But much like human to human interaction, communication goes deeper than sounds alone.

Thinking of adopting a kitten when you already have a dog?

If anybody witnessed how my dog behaves when she sees a cat whilst out on a walk, they would likely recommend that we don’t get a cat.
Yet we have managed to introduce a couple of kittens to the household in the time we have had Clodagh.Here are some pointers that I found helpful in this experience. Ensuring that a kitten’s introduction to a new household is a stress free transition. For all the family and especially the cat and dog.

What you need to know about travelling with pets to the EU since Brexit.

Since 1 January, pet passports issued in Great Britain are no longer valid for travel to Northern Ireland or the EU. Instead, anyone wishing to travel with a pet cat, ferret or dog, or an assistance dog, must obtain an animal health certificate (AHC)