Walk #3 – Aldeburgh to Sizewell

A change of pace and scene. Thought I had better include a flat one. Flat but there is some length to this walk and the Suffolk coast is pebbled. Making for slow going under foot at times. Also slow going if you have a dog that loves the water. Always having a preference to the water over the land my old Lab used to swim the first leg.

Sizewell B from Minsmere nature reserve

Walk #3 Aldeburgh to Sizewell-B, Suffolk Coast

3-4 hrs. Easy

I love the space in this walk, with the expanse of the North Sea by your side and those huge Suffolk skies. Keep an eye out for dolphins and whales which are regularly spotted off this coast. There are also plenty of watering holes throughout. Scenery and buildings of distorted scale and a comic twist halfway that brings a wry smile. My humour??

Aldeburgh is a thriving traditional Suffolk fishing village. Where boats still launch from the pebble beaches. In the summer season it can be busy and vibrant with the influx of people wanting to escape the London air. As a result there is plenty on offer; restaurants, pubs, boutique shops, galleries, ice cream parlours, bakeries and a couple of great Chippies abound the high street. Note of caution, if you do get chips, watch the seagulls. They are as adept at robbing you on the wing here as I have witnessed anywhere else in the country. 

Walk #3 starts from the northern end of the beaches on the outskirt of the village. 

The first half of the walk follows the Suffolk Coast Path. Leave the parking area heading north towards Thorpeness. I usually walk along the beach on this stretch, giving the dogs plenty of opportunity to wet their legs. Keep your eye out for any amber. This can be found on the beaches along this stretch of coast. It is possible to keep to the beach all the way to Sizewell. Though the section north of Thorpeness can at certain times of the year be only passed during low tide. The coastal path itself runs above the beach with access points all along. Which option you take is up to you. 

If you have young persons with you a quick refreshment can be grabbed at The Kitchen. This adjoins the carpark as you enter Thorpeness village. Or ice creams and drinks can be had at the Meare Shop & Tearoom over the road on the boating lake. If you fancy a slight deviation, now or on the way back, Thorpeness also boasts a fantastic working traditional windmill. Located near the golf course it’s worth a visit. In the same area is ‘The House in the Clouds’, one of the slightly more bizarre architectural sights to be seen.

Too early for brew? Keep heading north on the coastal path. Easy going with no ups or downs. Enjoy the space as you meander along the path towards Sizewell.

Golf anyone?

You can’t miss it. The huge golf ball like reactor is a constant beacon ahead of you on this walk. OK, it’s not pretty but the sheer scale of this place is immense and impressive. Nestling in an area of special scientific interest. For the purposes of this walk I’m only taking you as far as the power station. If you want to make a day of it, continue north on the coast path. Woodlands at Dunwich forest and the Minsmere nature reserve can be found. Both lovely spots and fantastic for those bird watchers out there.

You’re half way. Comedy bit…Have a cuppa at ‘Sizewell Tea’. Like the adjoining power station, not the most attractive. But refreshments are on offer and some credit has to be given to the name.

Feeling refreshed, take the road for a short time towards Leiston, taking the first left down Sandlings Walk. Pass Home Farm and turn right onto Sizewell common. You will cross a farm track onto some coppice land. Here another left turn will start to head back to Thorpeness. Sizewell common which joins Aldringham common, has a mix of coniferous and non coniferous forest giving some shelter on a hot summer’s day.

Eventually the path leads to the farm tracks which will take you back into Thorpeness. The walk is nearly done, just the return half hour leg to Aldeburgh. If you are not having to drive anywhere The Dolphin pub in the village sports some great beers. Plus a lovely dog friendly beer garden. On a hot summer’s day, relax, have a few. Possibly a bite to eat. You’ve earned it.

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